Hunting in Mauritius

There are two types of hunting offered in Mauritius

• The first is the driven hunt which comprises of approximately forty Mauritian hunters, a hundred hunting dogs, and around forty beaters. The hunt is then followed by the traditional lunch.

• The second is a Walk & Stalk hunt with rifle or bow and arrow. In both cases you will be personally guided and advised by Ivan.

Two exceptional hunting grounds are proposed. The first, located in the West, is the largest of the island, with its 5,000 hectares, and is reminiscent of the African Savannah.

The second area, to the East of the island, is the birthplace of the Rusa deer, which landed in Mauritius in the 17th century. Covering an area of 3,500 hectares, this area produces the most beautiful trophies of the island thanks to its luxurious and abundant vegetation.

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Rusa Deer Hunting in Mauritius
Hunting Mauritius
Hunting in Mauritius - Vacances Aventures



Included in the price:

  • Accommodation for 2 adults sharing.
  • 2 days Walk & Stalk hunt for 1 hunter.
  • Lunch and drinks on hunting days.
  • The PH.
  • The rental of a riffle mounted with a telescope and bullets.
  • The exclusive rental of the hunting grounds during the walk & stalk hunts.
  • The local hunting permit.
  • Preliminary preparation for all trophies.
  • Airport and hunting transfers.


  • thomas-picMauritius was my 35. hunting trip. And it was one of the best. The hunt with you was a real experience in a paradies area. The game was very plentiful and hunting a great memory. Even the big game fishing for marlin and Co was very well. Even if it did not work with the marlin we were with 11 pcs fish (Dorado, Thuna, Bonito) but very successful. We had a great experience with whales and we are sure to fish again on our next visit with you. Mauritius is a dream. We came as guests and went as friends. We'll be back. Thomas & Berni from Germany / Bavaria

  • heinz-picThank you for this exciting day. We never were fishing at an open sea before, so it was a new experience for us. Generally my family doesn´t insinuate with fishing, but Rita and Marc were also impressed of it. Very exciting for them was searching a perfect place for fishing. As climax, we were rewarded with a beautiful fish. The service on the boat was absolutely perfect (including beer). You get the feeling of success, even though you never concerned with fishing. A specifically adventure (also for the family) By the way, the cooker was really really angry, because I haven't take the fish with me, that i´ve caught He means, this fish was an especially good food fish.   I thank you very much, for this amazing day.

  • christian-picWe were looking for a holiday location with warm water, colourful fish, good food and some hunting for myself. We made contact with Ivan Charoux of Vacances Aventures and he book our 10 day trip to Mauritius. We had a sensational hotel with a beautiful beach, excellent food, found the island very interesting and very adaptable to our 5 and 7 year-old kids and had a marvellous time. I did hunt Rusa on walk and stalk and Ivan guided me personally. We shoot a great stag out of a herd of at least 25 stags after we passed on two other herds stags that he found not big enough. The handling of the trophy was good and I was able to take my trophy as skull mount home when we left. Ivan also took us on a fishing trip and I managed to land a Dorado and two Baracudas. We are very happy that we did this trip and we are grateful that Ivan took care of us and any detail of our trip. We highly recommend him as a top outfitter and I am happy that he will take care of our clients.